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Water Slide

  • Free Fall Slide

    1. The slide use high performance fiberglass with strong toughness and strength. 2. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance. 3. Large tourist capacity, suitable for both teenagers and adults. 4. The height, length, color and lane quantity...
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  • Small Water Slide

    Two or four tourists sit on the raft, quickly slide from the highest point to the bottom, and then, with great inertia, continue to slide upwards to the slide way with an angle of almost 90 degrees, and then from almost vertical which is the slides are free to slide down to a...
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  • Children's Water Slide

    Tourists seated in the raft on the platform and pass through the entrance. Due to the buoyancy, momentum and lubrication of the water, the speed is obtained with higher potential energy, and slowly enters the black hole slide area, then quickly falls, gets high speed, and...
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  • Animal Water Slide

    The water slides are made in animals' shape, frog, snake, elephant, rabbbit and octopus. It can spray water when kids are sliding and this will make it much funnier than other slides. They are always a good choice for any playing pools.
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  • Water Park Slide

    hese water slides are specially designed for kids. We have lots of appearances for your alternative, you can pick the ones that is most suitable for your water park.
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  • Fun Water Slides

    Loop slide is one of the star game items. Under the influence of gravity and water flow, visitor glide fleetly in the slide way. And visitor can feel the circle round dynamic experience.
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  • Indoor Water Slides

    The shape is a big slide with a big U slide. Seated in a 2-person raft, you will go from the top to the bottom, continue to slide up the 90-degree slide ,and then free down the flat part of the slide from the vertical.
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  • Wave Slide

    Visitor use skin raft from a 11 meter high platform to the opposite side. Let visitor experience the weightlessness and overweight up and down. It's an exciting aquatic game.
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  • Water Park Tube

    Spiral slides will provide you with a thrilling ride and help Sturdy galvanized steel construction, stair support, handrails, guardrails, bezels or other security devices,we can ensure a good experience for the player's safety.
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  • Tall Water Slides

    1.For 2 guests per time. 2.High Speed Water Slide. 3.Rated favorite water slide by industry experts. 4.Strong visual and spectator appeal keeps guests coming back.
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  • Highest Water Slide

    1.The slide use high performance fiberglass with strong toughness and strength. 2.High temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,oxidation resistance. 3.Large tourists capacity,suitable for both teenagers and adults. 4.The height,length,color and lane quantity can be...
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  • Top Speed Slide

    This Slide can be available in complete dark or with special effect on the cover of the slide as demanded by the customer. This one is adventurous and gives a thrilling experience to whoever rides it. Multiple people one after the other can take it at a time and float.
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