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Water Paradise Slide Product Introduction
Jul 03, 2018

Product image description Accurate, functional easy to achieve the characteristics of a safe and perfect implementation of the theme of a certain cultural animation performance connotation of swimming, leisure paradise people's closeness to water is innate, water allows people to survive, let people get pleasure. The common water Amusement park slide mainly has the cupola maneuver, the wide body water slide, the flying blanket slide, the Big horn slide, the spiral slide, the vortex slide, the large-scale spiral slide, the Rainbow Competition slide, closes the spiral slide, u type wave pendulum slide, the barrel sled sled. The common water park splashing water sketch mainly has bud spray, water spray bud, spray water pencil, Spray watercolor mushroom, frog slide, water gun, aqua gun, cannon, splashing seesaw, water jet seesaw, water spray digital toys, water spray frog, water spray crocodile, water jet seahorse, elephant slide, Apple House, Spray watercolor column, parent turtle, water jet hedgehog,

  Water spray whales, water spray kangaroo, spray shells, self-priming water gun, rainbow Slide, fish and crab water spray combination, water spray octopus, water spray dolphin, lotus water spray, spray water frog, spray sprinkling, splashing pieces/duckweed and so on water equipment.

Water Paradise Slide, from the human understanding of life and life, life is sports, sports bring life fun, if the hot springs pay attention to "quiet enlightenment", then the water park is the pursuit of "dynamic."

  On the design, construction and operation of the water park slide, there are three highly consistent places with park investors, managers and visitors:

  First of all, security is always in the first place, as special facilities, must be the national competent authorities accreditation, layers of acceptance, testing, can be put into operation.

  Secondly, the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary, and be able to experience the pleasures of the usual play;

  Third, the amusement experience must be diverse, must be suitable for each kind of crowd's demand;

Four, the amusement project should be with the time to enter, Innovates unceasingly, should have the periodic project renewal and the promotion.

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