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The Investment Advantage Of Water Amusement Facilities
Jul 03, 2018

The construction period is short, the return cycle is short. Now the water park in the operating period of the basic presents a "Sea of crowds" scene. The construction cycle of a water park usually takes only 0.5-1 years. In the normal operation of the case, the first two years can recover costs, the first 3 years into the profit period. Some very ideal water park, the 1th year began to achieve the return and profit. The water park, which has been in the state of not being returned, has a direct relationship with its investment planning. As a new theme park, the integration of the water park with other tourism resources can greatly promote the development of tourism in a region, so it is valued and supported by government departments. As an emerging industry, in the current situation of insufficient supply, the vast number of developers in the view of the great interests of the market is willing to invest in the water park industry.

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