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An Introduction Of Splash Pad
Sep 26, 2018

An Introduction of Splash Pad

A splash pad (or spray pool) is a recreation area with water spraying nozzles of various kinds with little or no standing water. They are an easy alternative to swimming pools for many families concerned about water safety. Because there is no standing water, the need for lifeguards or other supervision is reduced, and there is little risk of drowning.

Besides the benefits of cooling down and getting much-needed exercise, there are many other great reasons to play at a splash pad.


Water play provides a rich sensory experience for the developing child. Playing with water is important for your child’s sensory integration and development. Splash pads provide a great way to do this.


While they are busy having fun, kids can also begin to learn about and experiment with the physics of water as the different nozzles turn on and off. It is not necessary to teach them anything. Just allow them to observe, experiment, and learn while they play.

In a word, it is so good to have a splash pad near you, but still we have a large quantity of cities that has no splash pad. Do not be disappointed since we have a fine solution for you.


For those who have an idea of building a splash pad, Guangzhou Jingle Water Park Equipment Ltd is always ready to provide you plans and equipments. We are experts in this field since 1990s and our team are highly professional in design, manufacturing, installing and maintaining. Just feel free to contact us!

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