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A Brief Introduction Of Water Park
Sep 11, 2018

A Brief Introduction of Water Park



What is a Water Park?


According to Wikipedia, A water park or waterpark is an amusement park that features water play areas such as swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, water playgrounds, and lazy rivers, as well as areas for bathing, swimming, and other barefoot environments.


Water Park’s History


Generally speaking, Water Park was introduced in the 1940s and it was firstly getting popular in North America, mostly inAmericaandCanada. With the develop of globalization, more and more country build their first Water Park and people around the world start to get used to visiting this thrilling place in summer days.



How Can I Start A Water Park?


Firstly you should have a land, and then you should get the paper work done with local government. After that you can choose a suitable supplier to start design and manufacturing.



Who Would Be A Good Choice As My Water Park Developer?


Guangzhou Jingle Water Park Ltd is a master of this field since its very foundation in the 1990s. We offer one station service for our clients all over the world. And we have hundreds of successful cases at home and around the globe. Count on us and let us start a fascinating water park together!

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