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The disadvantage observation of aquatic amusement facilities
Jul 03, 2018

Disadvantage one: lack of management talent, extensive Water park project profit and loss factors, the proportion of equipment accounted for not more than 50%, more important factor is project investment planning, Operation Management and marketing. Investment in the water park in the long-term, to develop a professional operation of the solution, in order to make the water park investment risk is even smaller.

And now the water park industry development is too rapid, leading to the lack of professional personnel, operating extensive.

Disadvantage two: project duplication piling up

Many of the water parks now being developed lack a clear theme and cultural creativity, project replication, equipment piling, with real estate development and construction of ideas and techniques to plan, build, operate water park, and modern water park professional requirements are far, but also in the next 3-5 years a large number of domestic water park was eliminated the main reason.

Inferior Three: The equipment quality is uneven In the market demand driven by the water amusement equipment to a more high-speed, more stimulating direction of development. In recent years, the analysis and statistics of the amusement Facilities inspection data, found that the qualification data is imperfect, the safety maintenance is not in place, and so on a series of quality problems, security problems still exist. Once the water park has a safety problem, it is likely to cause the park to go bankrupt directly.

The scientific, standardization and standardization of facilities and equipment need to be strengthened.

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