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Moving the water paradise
Jul 03, 2018

Mobile water park is the size, shape, depth of different removable stent pool, inflatable pool for the framework, to the water slide as a source of stimulation, colorful floating with decorative, combined with different animation, cultural elements, full use of inflatable amusement products image description of accurate,

Features easy to secure the perfect realization of the characteristics of the production of a certain cultural animation performance connotation of the theme of swimming, leisure paradise. Set swimming, entertainment, leisure, recreation, sports, fun, animation culture, athletics as one of the movable animation Water World Park, just cater to this part of the market demand, fill the swimming leisure market blank! Summer can be easily operated, the winter can be demolished to save, water pool can be recycled, strict sterilization measures to ensure water safety and health, less investment, safety, health, water-saving and environmental protection, removable preservation, easy maintenance, easy to use the theme of cultural performance, such as strong characteristics,

Make animation water World mobile water park by the Government of the Urban Management Department of all over the welcome.

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